Our company will move you anywhere in Queensland, anytime!
Moving you Australia wide is easy as well, so moving from Townsville to Perth or even Cooktown to Tasmania is a breeze. 

In Townsville And Surrounding Areas Our Services Include;

  • FREE No Obligation quotes on-site.
  • Show us your written quote from another removalist company offering the same service we provide and we'll either beat it or at least match any reasonable quote.
  • A pre-move packing service (if required)
  • Storage - furniture, vehicle, trailer & business (with very competitive storage rates)
  • Sell all packing materials needed for your move (whether you pack or we do it for you)

Australia Wide Services Include;

  • FREE No Obligation quotes over the phone.
  • Guaranteed NO load-sharing with other removal companies... Once your furniture is loaded onto our trucks it does not come off until we reach your new home or business premises.
  • Show us your written quote from another removalist company offering the same service we provide and we'll either beat it or at least match any reasonable quote.
  • Out of town pre-move packing service - this service will take place the day before and on the day of the move, depending on your meterage total.
  • All packing materials needed for your move, will be shipped to you free of charge 14 days prior to the move (if packing yourself) or we will bring it with us if we are doing the packing).
  • Storage - If moving to Townsville but are not quite ready to move into your new home/business, your furniture, vehicle, trailer or business furniture can be stored at our private storage depot until you are ready (with very competitive storage rates). Please Note: All storage fees must be paid in full and up to date before we can deliver your furniture.

Payment Policy For Services Rendered;

  • Payment methods include - Direct Deposit, EFT, Eftpos, All major Credit Cards, Debit Card, Cash, HUMM.
  • All payments are to be paid on completion of the job (local) or once the truck is loaded (out of town moves). If using Humm a deposit must be paid to activate your Humm account then we will receive payment from these companies upon delivery. 
  • Businesses may apply for a 7-day account (account approval is at managements discretion).
  • Only through prior arrangements with management can a payment for our services be delayed. 
  • Intrastate & Interstate Moves - once you have decided to use our company, a non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking. This deposit also signifies your commitment to using our services and confirms your spot on our trucks. Please be aware... 1. Once your furniture has been loaded onto our trucks, the remainder of the quoted price is due and payable before our truck leaves your old property. 2. If you exceed your allocated meterage (space) on our truck, there will be extra charges involved. If we are unable to take your extra meterage due to other client commitments or the truck is full, the remaining extra meterage will be stored at a storage facility until we can return to pick up the remaining extra meterage (called an LOL - Left Off Load)
  • All other clients must pay by close of business on the day our services are completed.
  • Storage client fees are to be in advance at all times (at commencement of storage - if paying weekly, 2 weeks in advance or if paying monthly, 2 months in advance, then weekly or monthly thereafter). NO lock-in contracts, but contracts must be signed at the commencement of the storage period.
  • Storage client fees are to be directly deposited into our bank account when they are due i.e. weekly or monthly.
  • If paying by direct deposit, please also provide a remittance advice (proof of payment) via email or text message for staff verification and payment recording.

Comprehensive, Transit & Storage Insurance

We are covered for accidental damage and have Truck Insurance, Public Liability & Marine Insurance.

We encourage our client’s to obtain their own transit & storage insurance protection, please check your own contents insurance, as some insurance companies provide this with their contents insurance policies. If you don't want or have insurance we will transport or store your furniture at owners own risk with no liability on our company's behalf for any type of damage caused (except for accidental damage {mishap} by our employees).

Fair Work Australia States - "The type of insurance policies most removalists carry does not insure your property. It insures the removalist against liability for negligence. Therefore, it only pays out if they are deemed legally liable to compensate you for damage which resulted from their negligence.
Removalists are not required by law to provide insurance for your things during a move. Most removalist companies only have insurance that covers their vehicle if an accident occurs.
Transit cover insures your goods while they are being packed and moved by removalists, including any storage.
Transit insurance will cover your personal belongings while you're moving them from your old home to the new one, protecting you if your contents are destroyed by fire or traffic collision on their way to your new home."