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Coronavirus COVID-19: Removalists Essential Services Updates

Are Removalists Essential Services?

Currently, yes!

Although there have been recent changes to border controls, Removalists are considered an 'essential service' under freight & logistics definitions by each State Government and are able to move your goods.

We have also implemented minimal contact moves for all our clients, with our employees wearing gloves, using hand sanitizes and wearing masks/bandannas to cover their mouths to minimize exposure.

PLEASE NOTE: Some pick up and delivery times are being delayed, sometimes by a few days due to recent increased demand of our services, we are also experiencing increased traffic at Border control areas. So, if you plan to move during this time, book in as early as possible to get your preferred dates. Please also note; we may experience unforeseen traffic delays out of our direct control.

More information can be found HERE in more detail, including state by state restrictions and how it effects you and your family's move.

Established In 1994 (Formally Twin City Removals)

At Twin Cities Removals & Storage, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality service to our clients, ensuring your precious possessions are safe and secure when you move. We’ve been helping families, individuals and businesses relocate for over 25 years, providing our clients with a seamless, hassle-free moving experience Queensland wide.

Now with new owners, our company will focus more on providing our clients with extra services unheard of in our industry today, whilst still providing our highest quality service to you. Some of these services include;

- Longer booking hours for quotes and inquiries via our mobile number from 7am to 7pm on weekdays and 8am to 5pm on Saturdays.

- After business hours removals service, for those clients who find it hard to move during business hours. Available to both private and business clients.

- Moving clients Australia wide, not just in Queensland! From North Queensland to anywhere and from anywhere to North Queensland, and all towns in-between! 

- Providing Flood Free Storage at our depot in Townsville. Affordable Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly terms & payment options available.

- More payment options, including our pre-move layby service (for clients who want to pre-pay our moving service over a maximum period of 3 months prior to their moving date). 

- Our new loyalty program, to reward our loyal clients with discounts, birthday club, etc.

- Providing an online shop for our clients to purchase packing materials, start their pre-move layby plan or to purchase any of our promotional products.