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LOCAL - Townsville and surrounding areas. INTRASTATE - Within Queensland. INTERSTATE - NSW, ACT, VIC, SA, WA, NT, TAS

We will travel all over Australia to pick-up and deliver your Residential or Business Furniture, Belongings, Vehicles and Freight.

No job is too big or too small, we do them all. With our biggest truck & trailer combo being able to carry 107m3. We have the biggest rigid truck (70m3) in the district. Our small, family owned company specializes in large and long distance moves. We also have smaller trucks too, a 45m3 (10 Pallet) & a 60m3.

Two of our trucks also transport cars with your furniture move, so your vehicle will arrive the same time as your furniture, you're not having to wait weeks or months for your car to arrive.

If we pick up your job... your furniture, vehicle or freight stays on our trucks until we deliver it. NO double handling of your goods with other companies or trains enroute. You are dealing with the same guys and company at both ends.

We don't just move furniture, we also move camper trailers, caravans, boats, bulk tyres, cars, 4WD's, motorcycles, all types of freight and palleted freight Australia wide. Ask us for a quote today!

Whether from Perth to Weipa or Tasmania to Broome, we will go Anywhere, Anytime!

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From October To February

This is our busy period. Bookings for our services in advance is esstential to securing your move or services with our company. Our storage also becomes quite full during this time as well. To aviod disappointment please contact us as soon as you think or know you are moving. It is better to be well prepared weeks or even months in advance than trying to find a date last minute, because we don't like saying "no, not possible" to our clients, especially our returning clients. Thank you for your understanding during this time of year, happy moving!

  • Book A Quote

    Book an in-person quote. We will visit your home, look at your property access, what furniture you have and talk to you about your move.

  • Upload Your Inventory

    Upload your inventory to receive an estimated price on your local, out of town or interstate move. Please include your email to receive the quote.

    Inventory Upload 
  • Want To Compare Quotes

    Do you have a quote from another company and need a second quote to compare prices? Upload your quote and if we can beat their price we will.

    Quote Upload 
  • We Sell Packing Materials

    We sell packing materials and boxes online through our online store or in person at our office.

  • Pre-move Packing & Unpacking

    We have packages available that include pre-pack &/or unpack, dismantle &/or assembly of furniture. Cheaper than paying for all our services separately.

  • Secure Private Storage

    Talk to us about your storage needs. Whether it's for residential or business furniture, boxes, caravan, trailer, car, boat, campervan. Weekly or Monthly options available.

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